We want to make your driving experience smart

Jedlix #ichargesmart manages the charging of your electric car based on the balance between production and consumption of renewable energy. By selecting the optimal charging moments, we increase the share of renewables in the energy mix. We charge your car with renewable energy when the prices are at their lowest and we share the financial reward generated with you. Driving an electric car just got even better!

How does #ichargesmart work?

Set your car model and departure time in the app. Your electric car is charged app combining your personal preferences and the use of the best available charging moments on the real time energy market, saving money and together increasing the share of renewable energy. We control the charging process at compatible charging stations and make sure your car is fully charged at the desired time and you get a bonus too!

You can easily find compatible charge points using the map with real-time availability information in the app.

Jedlix has developed a unique new feature for Tesla drivers. As of January 2017 our users can also smart charge at their home charge point using the connected car. Jedlix can use the Tesla platform for data exchange after users ‘opt-in’ through their My Tesla account.

About Jedlix

Since 2015 we make it possible with EV’s to better use the supply of renewable energy. We launched our smart charging app for iOS and Android early 2016, connecting over 1000 public charge stations for all full electric and plugin-hybrid cars. Jedlix is partner of the Dutch Living Lab Smart Charging.

Jedlix, named after Anyos Jedlik, the inventor of the electric motor, is part of Eneco Group, a integrated energy group with more than 7,000 employees, offering comprehensive solutions for, and together with, our customers and partners. We invest in well-maintained networks, onshore and offshore wind farms, solar energy projects and biomass plants.

Jedlix won the Dutch ICT Environmental Award 2016 and the E-World Energy app award.

What’s coming next?

Soon we’ll also control the charging directly via your BMW and Renault, enabling you to benefit from the best charging moments at home too!

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