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Tesla Model 3
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Start Smart Charging and save up to € 200 p/y!

Greener, cheaper charging
by using Jedlix

The Jedlix app lets you charge your electric car easily using greener, cheaper energy. We call this Smart Charging. Our intelligent app designs an optimised charging plan based on:

The user’s required departure time

The available capacity on the power grid

The availability of sustainable energy

The price of energy during the charging session

This way, we can speed up the transition to sustainable energy together.
Are you ready to start Smart Charging?

Make an impact

We can speed up the transition from fossil fuels to green power ourselves. Smart Charging lets you contribute to a greener, cleaner future.

Get rewarded

Using the Jedlix app, we can bring balance to the power grid. This comes at a financial reward to you. Rewards can be paid out from €5.

Decide for yourself

The app is easy to calibrate and fine-tune based on your requirements. An accessible dashboard lets you view all sorts of information, including savings, usage, and battery status.

Here is how to
start Smart Charging

Do you have an electric car and are you looking for a smart way to charge your battery?
It could not be easier – with Jedlix!

Discover a new way of charging using the handy Jedlix app. Everything you need for a sustainable drive with a fully charged battery.

✓ Find suitable and available charging stations
✓ Get real-time insights into your power usage
✓ Receive your financial rewards easily

Smart Charging with Jedlix

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Our smart way
of electric charging

We are all working together

At Jedlix, we have made it our mission to ensure that all electric cars start using sustainable energy. We are helping by offering a smart way of electric charging! At home and in public, making every charging stop the best possible charging stop. In addition to getting financial rewards, you also help shut down obsolete gas and coal plants. This way, we can speed up the transition to sustainable energy, together with you and our partners:

Download the Jedlix app

Toward 100% sustainable energy. And get financial rewarded!

The Jedlix app is available for every type of electric vehicle. Download our free app for iOS and Android using one of the links below. After setting up your account, you are ready to start Smart Charging with Jedlix and receive a financial reward of 2 eurocent per kWh. Let’s drive renewables forward, together!

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