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Who are we

Jedlix is a leading smart charging software company from the Netherlands.

Our software platform and apps connect the charging of electric vehicles with renewables and energy markets. This supports the integration of renewable energy into the energy system and lowers the costs to charge electric cars. The best of both worlds! We do this in a unique and innovative way by integrating with the connected systems of car manufacturers and charge point operators. Jedlix is partnering with parties like Tesla, Renault, BMW and energy market players like international utilities, grid companies and ventures. As a cleantech start-up we are backed by Dutch renewable energy utility Eneco and Groupe Renault.

We believe in an agile way of developing with short iterations, so we use SCRUM as the basis of our software development. To ensure excellent quality of our solution we follow the DevOps practice. For the international expansion of our platform we are looking for a Senior Qualtity Engineer.

This is your kind of job if you think of testing as a Quality process:

  • You like to engage with the Product Owners and other stakeholders on the requirements, (test) scenarios and definition of done
  • Cucumber and Gherkin are your favorite vegetables and you see BDD as the best way of working
  • You get energized by discussions with developers about integrating QA as part of their work

What are you going to work on?

– Work with the PO and (internal and external) stakeholders to have clear requirements written as Gherkin scripts
– Create (in some cases from scratch) automated integration tests, end to end tests, front-end tests, performance tests, load tests, basically every kind of test you think makes sense (except unit tests)
– Work with (and coach) developers on quality assurance

– Help to ensure the platform is proven to be scalable and reliable for the future

It’s important you know about:

– BDD and specifically Gherkin and Cucumber

– Automated Testing techniques (and tools like Selenium)
– Test and Behavior Driven Development
– Coaching developers on quality assurance

– Continuous- Integration and Deployment tools like Jenkins, GitlabCI

Nice to have experience:

– Programming experience, preferable in one of these languages C#, Node or Python
– Microsoft Azure / Cloud
– Code quality standards

Not so obvious nice to have experience:

– Experience in wholesale energy markets and know what a kwh is

You are:

  • Eager to learn and flexible; you are open to work with various techniques.
  • Someone who writes clean and organized test scripts
  • Great social and communicative skills.
  • Tremendous drive, in particular for sustainable mobility and energy.

Why work for Jedlix?

  • Work on cool things and have impact. Electric cars and renewable energy are here to stay and with Jedlix you are on the forefront of this clean disruption! Don’t take our word for it; check out presentations from Elon Musk, Tony Seba or Maarten Steinbuch and see why electrification is the top priority in the automotive industry.
  • Competitive salary and opportunity to grow with the company.
  • Fun and Ownership; we have a dynamic team so we expect your opinion on what technologies to use or what to improve. This will also ensure a steep learning curve while working for Jedlix. We also like to have fun together (table tennis, go for a beer).
  • Work with great new products, (cloud) technologies and corresponding innovative partners like Tesla, Renault and BMW. Team-up with a diverse range of energy players, varying from large global corporates to local vibrant start-ups


Tell us why you think you are the perfect candidate. Show us who you are. We are interested in the projects you have done in the past and which techniques you would advise us to use. Contact us at +31 6 389 14 993 or careers@jedlix.com.


Check out the video 'about Jedlix'

Interested? Get in touch!

Tell us why you think you’ll fit right in. More than just your resume we are interested in the projects you have done in the past and what your idea is of sustainable e-mobility. Contact Jorg van Heesbeen at+31 6 389 14 993 or careers@jedlix.com.

Note: acquisition based on this vacancy is not appreciated.

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