Which charging stations and electric cars does the app support?
Jedlix is working hard every day to support more and more brands and models of electric cars. Ultimately we want to facilitate the Jedlix service to any electric car driver. The supported public charging stations, which can be found in the Jedlix app, can be used by any type of electric car. Smart charging at a home currently only works for Tesla. With this type of charging we make a direct connection to the car, regardless of the charging station type. This year we will also launch services together with BMW and Renault.

What mobile platforms does the app support?
The app is available for Android and iOS. We also have a webapp available for other devices users, reachable at This way everyone with or without a mobile phone can make use of our service.


General settings

What do I have to do to start smart charging with Jedlix?
In all situations you download the Jedlix app or visit the webapp at When you create an account, you have to choose your electric car.
At the moment if your car is a Tesla, we ask you to add your Tesla account. This is the same login you are also using for the Tesla app. If you added your Tesla account in the Jedlix app, we are able to smart charge your car.
For all the other cars you only need to add a valid charging card in the app in order to start smart charging on the public charging stations which can be found in the app. We only use the charging card to identify that you want to smart charge your car with Jedlix.

What happens if I do not to want to smart charge my car for once?
If you simply want to charge as fast as possible you can turn off smart charging by switch of the on/off button to off. From the moment you turn off our service, we will not influence the charging and your car will charge as you are used to.

Can the app run in the background?
Yes, Jedlix has another system running to smart charge your car. The app is there to change your settings. Setting up the app once is enough to make every charging session smart. When the smart charging starts or ends the app sends you a notification.

Why can I choose two departure times?
Based on user input we found out that majority of Jedlix users have two fixed departure times. The first departure time is in the morning, before going to work. The second departure time is the moment after leaving work to go home. We choose to work with two departure times, so that you don’t have to often change your departure time.

How does the two departure times option/setting work?
No matter what departure times you pick, we always choose the nearest departure time. For example, your departure times are 17:00 and 06:30. If the moment start charging is 19:00, then Jedlix will pick 06:30 as the departure time and we will make sure your battery is fully charged before this time.

Can I change settings while smart charging?
It is possible to stop the charging smart, or change your departure time, while charging. The adjustments to the settings are applied instantly. Please be aware that we cannot increase the charging sppeed and that always some time is needed to be fully charged.

How can I save as much money as possible?
The more flexibility you provide, the greater the amount of potential savings are. There are two ways to increase the potential savings. The first way is changing the departure time. The further away in the future, the more potential cheap moments Jedlix can choose to charge. The second way is about the amount that needs to be directly charged. The less you want to have directly charged, the higher the chance is of savings.

How do I know I saved money?
You can see the savings in the app. You can see the savings from your last session as well as your total savings which are not yet paid out. We also show you an overview of the already paid out savings.

Can I see my charging schedule?
At this moment this is not possible. However, we are busy providing you this information.


Home charging

What is home charging?
Home charging with Jedlix means smart charging your car at your home. This option is currently only available for Tesla. In this case we smart charge directly via the car. The charging station (or socket) you are using is connected to your energy household connection.
In order to pay out the savings with home charging you need to have an electricity contract from a partner of Jedlix. Currently this is only Eneco.

How does home charging work?
With home charging, Jedlix chooses the most sustainable and cheapest moments to charge. In order to do so, Jedlix starts and stops the charging remotely. Stopping the charging is pausing the charging, since your charging cable is not disconnected. Also in the case of an official charging station, the administration of the transaction is not influenced by Jedlix.
Home charging is currently only possible for Tesla. Soon to be followed by BMW and Renault. We are also working to add connected home charging stations for the cars we are unable to steer.

What happens to my Tesla credentials details?
Your Tesla credentials will be used only once when we try to connect to the Tesla API. Since we value your safety and privacy we don’t save your password. If you don’t want to have your Tesla connected to Jedlix anymore, you simply delete your Tesla credentials in the app. At the moment you have deleted your Tesla credentials, Jedlix is not able to smart charge your electric car anymore.

Why do I have to add my energy contract with home charging?
Jedlix has access to the energy markets via sustainable energy providers. Our goal is to balance the electricity grid by charging when there is a lot of excess wind- and solar energy and stop the charging when the opposite is true.
The goal of Jedlix is to reward customers of sustainable energy companies for smart charging their electric car. Eneco is the first utility that is a partner of Jedlix. This year more partnerships with utilities will be announced. In order to realise the savings your energy needs to be provided by an energy partner of Jedlix. Via the app, Eneco offers an attractive energy contract for electric vehicle drivers who charge at home. You can also contact your own energy utility to ask about Jedlix.

How do I collect the savings?
If you reached a total saving of €5,00, you can choose to pay-out. The payment will be done by your energy provider.


Public charging

Can I use different kind of charging cards and does it matter what type of card it is?
Yes, you can add all kinds of charging cards. We use your charging card to identify you as a Jedlix user.

How can I collect my savings?
Once you reach the threshold of €5,00, you can choose to collect your savings in the app. If you don’t have an energy contract from a Jedlix partner, you will need to fill out your bankdetails. We will pay you the savings or your energy provider will pay it on a sepperate note.

Do I need an energy contract for public charging?
You do not need an energy contract to smart charge using a public charging station.

How do I know what public charging points are compatible with Jedlix smart charging?
A list of public charging stations that support Jedlix smart charging, are found on the map in the app. This also shows the availability of the charging stations. This way you know which charging stations are available to use. In the future we will show any public charging stations on the map, so you can also use the app to search for a free public charging station nearby.



How does Jedlix contribute to the integration of renewable energy sources?
Renewable energy sources, like the sun and wind, are not always available in the same extent. These energy sources fully depend on the weather. By having the electricity consumption of your electric car, move the same way as the fluctuation of the supply of renewable energy, we can insure that the integration of renewable energy is much cheaper. This reduces the cost of energy and lowers the need for fossil energy. Matching supply and demand is the key to an effective sustainable energy network. No regular “green energy” product currently considers this. This isn’t just great for the environment, it also saves money.

Is the electric car more sustainable than fossil alternatives?
This is a very controversial topic, but it’s an established fact that the electric car wins over any fossil alternatives, in every scenario. The bulk of the emissions is in the consumption of the car, not the production. Driving an electric car is also a much more efficient alternative than a combustion engine. Even if a large part of the electricity used is generated by coal or gas, you will have a gain of about 30% in CO2 emissions over the entire life cycle. When using renewable energy this rate will be even bigger. Jedlix only works together with suppliers that also aim for additional production from solar or wind energy. In addition to lower CO2 emissions, the local emission is a huge part of the profit. Particulate matter and other emissions are one major problem, especially in inner cities.


Financial savings

How does the financial savings get calculated?
The savings get calculated on the basis of short-term market prices, demand and supply of renewable energy and user settings. Based on this, we generate a charging plan by taking into account when the prices are low, when there is a peak of available renewable energy on the network. When the prices are high and there is no supply of renewable energy available, we stop the charging. The compensation we receive by this process are shared with you. Based on our analysis we see an average saving around 0.02 Euro/kWh. However there are a lot of factors influencing this price. E.g. flexibility, chargespeed, chargemoment and changes in the energy market.

I drive a lease car, how does this work with the financial savings?
Many electric drivers lease their car, this has no impact on the financial savings. The savings are distributed to you. It is the way you charge which makes the world greener. Tax settlement is not needed.



My battery wasn’t fully charged, why did this happen?
Your battery not being fully charged can have different causes. Please check if normal charging works correctly. Is the cable connected to your car and the charging station? Does the charging station function correctly?
Furthermore it is important that there is enough time to charge. This is determined by the capacity of the battery of your car, the charging speed of your car and charging station. If there is not enough time then it is not be possible to fully charge your battery even without Jedlix.
If you think the issue is none of the above please contact us via We will check if the problem is with us.

Does Jedlix have a newsletter?
Yes, you can subscribe at

What data does Jedlix store?
This can all be found in our privacy policy.

Do I have to pay to use ichargesmart?
No, the Jedlix app is free for all users.

My electric car is not on the list of supported models?
Please contact us through Then we will fix this.

I am using the app, but I want to opt out. How do I do that?
Please contact us through When there is no charging card and connected car we cannot charge smart.

I have questions about the app, where can I ask them?
Please contact us through

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