Faisons la différence ensemble

Nous sommes le facteur de liaison entre le conducteur du VE,
le secteur de la mobilité et l’industrie de l’énergie.

Partenaires de Jedlix

Ensemble, vers un avenir avec 100% d’énergie durable.

Afin d’augmenter le développement dans le domaine du Smart Charging, nous travaillons ensemble avec des acteurs majeurs de plusieurs industries. Nous sommes le facteur de liaison entre le conducteur du VE, le secteur de la mobilité et l’industrie de l’énergie. Ensemble, nous pouvons accélérer la transition énergétique en offrant plus de bénéfices financiers et écologiques aux conducteurs des VE. A la fois aux particuliers et aux entreprises. Veuillez devenir un partenaire ? Contactez-nous via

Nos partenaires


Jedlix has developed a one-of-a-kind functionality for Tesla-drivers. Users can Smart Charge both at home and in public through their car’s connectivity. To achieve this, Jedlix uses the Tesla platform for data-exchange.


Groupe Renault, part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, and Jedlix have been official partners since the COP21 climate summit in Paris. Recently, Renault has joined the ranks of Jedlix shareholders. Through our software, Jedlix has become the number one technology partner for Renault, helping to enable Renault ZOE-drivers to smart charge using the Z.E. Smart Charge app.


Jedlix is an Eneco Group venture. With its companies across various sectors within the energy industry, Eneco is an obvious leader when it comes to sustainability and innovation. With Jedlix, Eneco is working on their mission: sustainable energy for all, allowing consumers and businesses to take control of energy using smart products and services.


On 28 November 2016, BMW and Jedlix announced their collaboration on Digital Charging Services, a smart service for easy and cost-effective at home charging using as much green energy as possible. The Smart Grid feature offered by BMW Digital Charging Service optimises charging technology for BMW-i and iPerformance models. This service, fully integrated within the BMWi platform, is available across the Netherlands.

om | new energy

Since 2018, Jedlix and om started to collaborate. om | new energy  is the main Dutch non-profit supplier for locally generated renewable energy who strives to make the Netherlands energy neutral. For three years in a row they have been declared the number one sustainable energy supplier.


From the start of our existence in 2001 they’ve delivered power from renewable sources exclusively to their customers. Sustainability is part of Chreenchoice’s DNA. In order to be successful they focus on decentralized renewable energy, energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Their successful customer service approach and affordable prices have been rewarded many years in a row. The transition towards a 100% sustainable energy powered society in the Netherlands is in full swing and together with Jedlix they are committed to speed it up.

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