Your data and privacy

Jedlix B.V. attaches a high value to your privacy and processes your personal data very carefully. This privacy policy statement is meant for the service users in order to inform them about the personal data collection, processing and use by Jedlix B.V. regarding the use of the Jedlix smart charging app.

What data do we collect after activating the app?

  • Country
  • Email address
  • Self chosen password1
  • Car model
  • Energy supplier
  • Energy contract number2
  • Charge card number3
  • Internet connected car4
  • Address (street, housenumber, postalcode, city, country)5

1 For signing in we use the B2C service of Microsoft. They handle the signing in and the data required for this proces.

2 Only for partnered energy suppliers of Jedlix.

3 These passes are provided by third parties. We use the unique identifier of the charging card to recognize our user at a public charging point. We have no access to the personal data collected by the charging card provider

4 Only for smart charging through the car via a connected car partner. For this we require your account of your car. With your credentials we request a token and save that and not the password.

5 For Home charging

What data do we require in order to pay out the realized savings?

  • Name (name & surname)
  • IBAN1
  • Customer number energy contract2

1 Public charging

2 For Home charging, in the case of an energy contract with an energy partner of Jedlix B.V.

In case the user chooses to donate the realized savings we do not require these payment details. Abovementioned information for activation and pay out are summarized as: Profile

What data do we collect while using the app?

  • Settings in the app:
    • Departure time
    • Battery percentage (also referred to as ‘State-of-Charge’
    • Desired minimal battery percentage or State-of-Charge
    • Service on/off
  • Map functionality
    • Location of the mobile phone

The data which is collected by using the app is summarized as: Settings

  • While using the service:
    • Data collected from charging sessions at compatible charging stations:
      • Starting time
      • Ending time
      • kWh-usage per 15 minutes
      • ID of the charging station
      • Data from the Profile and settings for an individual chargingplan
      • Location of the charging station
    • Data collected from chargesessions on compatible electric vehicles:
      • Starting time
      • Ending time
      • kWh-usage per 15 minutes
      • Verification of location1
      • Data from the Profile and settings for an individual charging schedules

      1 To determine if the car is charging at the user specified home location.

The data collected while using the service can be summarized as: Charging data

In respect of which do we use data?

We use data for analytical purposes of the charging behavior of the user:
  • Profile
  • Energy supplier
  • Settings
  • Charging data
For anonymous analytical purposes we process the following data and could share this with third parties, solely for research purposes:
  • Car model
  • Postal code, city & country1
  • Charging data
  • Settings

1 will not be shared with third parties.

For pay out we use the following data:
  • Name
  • Address
  • IBAN
  • Charging data
  • Customer number energy contract1

1 For Home charging

What data do we store?

We store:
  • Information regarding the structure and transaction of the accumulated savings
  • Historic charging schedules
  • Historic charging sessions

Personal data shall be stored by Jedlix no longer than necessary for the purpose for which they are processed or required by law.

What happens to data after termination of the use?

After unsubscribing for the service, all data tracing back to a user is deleted unless there is a legal or fiscal basis for Jedlix B.V. to store this information (the legal retention period of profile information regarding previous payments)

Can I see my data?

User can always see his personal data, modify or remove and may submit a request or complaint regarding personal data through: Looking up the personal data shall be shared in a digital format that can be consulted by the user in a reasonable way. If necessary, Jedlix will request identity verification from the requesting party.


Cookies are small parts of data that are not used for identification purposes, but mainly for learnings regarding the browsing behavior in the mobile app.

Jedlix uses several types of cookies to analyze the quality and effectiveness of the services and for the execution of marketing and advertisement campaigns on the Jedlix website(s) and those of third parties.

The configurations of the mobile phone give you the possibility to get informed about the presence of cookies and the possibility to possibly refuse them. The cookies can be activated or deactivated through the relevant settings on the mobile phone.

Description of the applied privacy security measures

Personal data security is of utter importance to us. Regarding the nature of the data and the risks that are related to processing this data, we take all measures of material, logic, administrative and organizational nature to guarantee the security of the data. This will prevent that any data risks to be misunderstood, damaged or made available to non-authorized third parties. This includes the storage of data at the secured servers of a provider.

Policy development

This policy development can be modified or adjusted at any moment in time. In such a situation, you as a user will be notified through the application of a new policy version.

Most recent version: April 20th 2018