Terms and Conditions

What do we do?

We calculate an optimal charging plan for an electric vehicle based on user settings and our own integration with for example a dynamic price curve based on the energy market and the current supply of renewable energy.

The user therefore charges his car at more favourable moments; this is beneficial for the sustainability of the energy mix and could optionally also lead to a pay out of the realised saving (the 'bonus').


The user can opt in for a pay out of the realized saving; the bonus. The bonus is calculated by Jedlix. The existence of any kind of bonus can solely be recognized in case the energy supplier is a sustainable energy supplier and partner of Jedlix B.V. This counts both for home charging and public charging. The public charging stations that allow the user to perform public smart charging can be consulted in the mobile app.

The method of calculating the bonus can by adjusted by Jedlix for future charging sessions without prior notice.

The pay out option of the bonus can be terminated by Jedlix without prior notice. Previously accumulated savings is thereby retained.

Energy contract

By connecting the energy contract to Jedlix using the customer number and energy supplier, the user can start accumulating its bonus with smart charging at home. Any kind of energy contract with an energy partner will suffice to enable the bonus accumulation.

In the future it is possible that multiple sustainable energy suppliers will be coupled. This will allow the user to choose between multiple sustainable energy suppliers, disregarding the fact that the user already has an energy contract with an existing energy partner of Jedlix B.V. or not.

Method of calculation and bonus pay out

The to be realised bonus is dependent on:

  • Market prices energy
  • Demand & supply of (renewable) energy
  • Vehicle characteristics (such as battery size, charging load, climate control settings)
  • Charging station characteristics (load speed)
  • Weather conditions (extreme temperatures can cause the vehicle to charge slower than usual)
  • Selected departure time (level of flexibility)
  • Selected minimum load percentage (level of flexibility)

After each charging session, the bonus is provisionally determined based on the generated data. Afterwards, there will be a final verification. Based on this verification (for example with a smart meter or charging station management system of a third party) the bonus is finalized.

The user is entitled to a pay out of the final bonus.


After each charging session the provisionally determined bonus is added to any previously accumulated savings.

The user has insight in the app regarding the status of the savings and transactions of the savings.

The right to pay out, donation or transfer of the balance does arise:

  • The moment Jedlix has determined the final bonus
  • With regards to a previously accumulated balance, once this has reached a reasonable threshold to be determined by Jedlix.

The accumulated savings will automatically expire after a period of 12 months.

Jedlix is not liable to pay interest on the outstanding balance to the user.

Pay out

The user can choose to pay out after reaching a reasonable threshold to be determined by Jedlix. The Bonus will be paid within a few days on the by the user specified IBAN or the by Jedlix known IBAN connected to the energy contract of the user.

The user is responsible for the correct entering of his data. Jedlix will put everything in place in order to pay out the bonus within a reasonable time period, but no claims can be made on this.

Donate / transfer savings

The user can choose to donate his accumulated savings to a charity or cause, to be designated by Jedlix. Also, the user can choose that the bonus will have to be transferred to a by Jedlix appointed partner (for example for charging balance).

Terminate participation

User can temporarily stop using the service by disabling smart charging within the app. The user can request permanent discontinuation of the service by sending an e-mail to support@jedlix.com. Not yet paid out balance expires at permanent discontinuation of the service.

Jedlix reserves the right to terminate use of the app by the user at any time.

User Settings

The user is responsible for the data he entered (e.g. departure time). The user ensures Jedlix that he is the card holder of the charging card entered in the application.


All obligations of Jedlix as part of the downloading and using of the app include an obligation of effort.

Jedlix does not guarantee that any savings can be realized.

No rights can be derived from the calculation of the optimal charging plan.

Subject to limitations set by law thereto, Jedlix bears no liability whatsoever for any direct, consequential or incidental damages that the User or any third party suffers as a result of downloading and / or using the app, including (but not limited to):

  • The input of incorrect data in the Jedlix application
  • Any following the use in another way than the normal use of the application
  • Any disruption in the data connection between Jedlix and / or the Jedlix application and / or the electric vehicle and / or the charging station management system.
  • Any damages resulting at the user due to that the electric vehicle is not or charging differently than expected, for example (but not limited to) as a result of weather conditions or the different than expected operation of the charging system or electric vehicle.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, and subject to limitations to this law enables the liability of Jedlix always to be limited to an amount of € 5,000.- per damaging event.


User authorized Jedlix to process his or her (personal) data, for the purpose of:

  • Calculating an optimal loading plan for the electric vehicle of the user in the Jedlix application.
  • The calculation and pay out of the bonus to the user if this right arises according to the agreement between the Jedlix and user.
  • Analyzing the anonymous data of the user for research purposes and sharing with third parties.

Jedlix bears no liability for the loss or abuse of these (personal) data unless such loss or abuse is due to non compliance with the Data Protection Act.


For questions or complaints about the services of Jedlix, one can contact Jedlix via email: support@jedlix.com.

These terms shall be governed by Dutch law. The court in Rotterdam shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from downloading and / or using the app.