About us

- A team full of energy -

Together, we are setting a global standard for sustainable mobility.
How? By creating a smart way of electric charging.

Together, we can make a difference

Together with our users and partners, we are making Jedlix the leader in the field of Smart Charging. Smart Charging cars lets us take important steps in the transition to sustainable energy and ensures that gas and coal plants need fewer and fewer active hours. And in the future? Then every EV user will be making the best possible charging stops. At home and in public, in the Netherlands and abroad. Together, we are driving towards a sustainable, cleaner future!

Our partners

Together we speed up the transition to sustainable energy

In order to realise the developments in the field of Smart Charging, we are collaborating with important players in various industries. Because if we are going to speed up the transition to sustainable energy and take major steps towards sustainable mobility, we will need to stand together.

Jedlix's Management Team

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Serge Subiron


Jorg van Heesbeen

Head of New Energy Business

Nick Hubbers

Head of Energy & Operations

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Niels Braamse

Marketing & Partner Manager | niels.braamse@jedlix.com

Ruben Middelkoop

Community Manager | support@jedlix.com

Guillaume Vanstraelen

International Business Development | guillaume.vanstraelen@jedlix.com