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Jedlix #ichargesmart manages the charging of your electric car based on the balance between production and consumption of renewable energy. By selecting the optimal charging moments, we increase the share of renewables in the energy mix.

We charge your car with renewable energy when the prices are at their lowest and we share the financial reward generated with you.

Driving an electric car just got even better!

Get rewarded!

Using our free smart charging app we can help balance the grid for which we are rewarded. Jedlix shares this financial benefit with you. The #ichargesmart app is available for iOS & Android in the App Store and Google Play.

How does smart charging work?

Our smart charging app connects the real time fluctuations in energy prices with the charge management of the battery of your electric car, and is currently available in the Netherlands for compatible public charging stations of EVnet.

Drive your own future

Our mission is to help users to efficiently charge their electric vehicles through the global rollout of our smart charging solution for all electric vehicle manufacturers and flex energy connections with local utilities.

Our story

Since 2015 we make it possible for EV owners to save on their monthly electricity costs. Jedlix is named after Anyos Jedlik, the inventor of the electric motor.

More insights

In addition to monthly financial savings, Jedlix will offer more insights about EV usage, battery state of charge and your personal carbon footprint.

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