Making a difference together

We are the linking factor between the electric car driver,
the mobility sector and energy companies.

Partners of Jedlix

Together we aim for 100% sustainable energie.

In order to achieve the development in the field of Smart Charging, we work together with important players in various industries. We are the linking factor between the electric car driver, the mobility sector and energy companies. Together, we can speed up the transition to sustainable energy and make electric driving even more beneficial and sustainable for both consumers and businesses. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact

Our partners


Jedlix has developed a one-of-a-kind functionality for Tesla-drivers. Users can Smart Charge both at home and in public through their car’s connectivity. To achieve this, Jedlix uses the Tesla platform for data-exchange.


Groupe Renault, part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, and Jedlix have been official partners since the COP21 climate summit in Paris. Recently, Renault has joined the ranks of Jedlix shareholders. Through our software, Jedlix has become the number one technology partner for Renault, helping to enable Renault ZOE-drivers to smart charge using the Z.E. Smart Charge app.


Since late 2019 Jaguar Land Rover and Jedlix work together on enabling smart charging for electric Jaguar vehicles. The service is integrated into the Jaguar Incontrol-infotainment systems and currently available in the Benelux for the flagship electric model I-PACE. The service can be enabled in with the Jedlix app, if free to download and requires no additional equipment.


Jedlix is an Eneco Group venture. With its companies across various sectors within the energy industry, Eneco is an obvious leader when it comes to sustainability and innovation. With Jedlix, Eneco is working on its mission: sustainable energy for all, allowing consumers and businesses to take control of energy using smart products and services.


To make Smart Charging possible, we work together with key players in various countries. With our partners, we can balance the energy grid and make it more sustainable. On top of that, users cannot only save money on their energy bills but also earn money.


Together we balance the energy grid we make gas and coal plants a thing of the past. Thanks to our cooperation with TenneT, every Jedlix user in the Netherlands can earn money in addition to savings. But you save more with a contract at one of our energy partners!


Virtual Power Plant (VPP) operator Next Kraftwerke operates one of the largest virtual power plants in Europe. Tendered by Transmission System Operator (TSO) TenneT, amongst other partners, Next Kraftwerke and Jedlix have launched an international project to deliver secondary control reserve (aFRR) through the batteries of electric cars.


One of the most important tasks of Transmission System Operator (TSO) TenneT is to maintain the balance of the electricity grid. Jedlix is one of the partners to participate with decentralized (sustainable) electrical power in the market for a balance between supply and demand. This project makes it possible to pay everyone in the Netherlands (with a partner utility contract you will earn more per kWh!) in addition to your energy bill savings.

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